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Home China Topics Freedom of Press, Press Censorship and Southern Weekend Journal Incident


China Hot Topics and Opinions:
Freedom of Press, Press Censorship, and Southern Weekend Journal Incident


 China Official Response: Southern Weekend Issue
China Official Comments:
 What international sources say
  • China's Southern Weekly newspaper reappears after censorship standoff - Guangzhou's outspoken paper sparks propaganda clampdown with activists held and web references to controversy deleted (link to full story)
  • China censorship row spreads to Beijing - An ongoing crisis over censorship and freedom of speech appears to have spread to China's capital after the publisher of a leading Beijing newspaper reportedly resigned. (full story)
  • China censorship storm spreads, Beijing paper publisher resigns in protest (link to full story)
  • Maoists Face Off With Anti-Censorship Protesters in China (link to full story)
  • Journalists at censored China paper strike deal: Reports (full story)
  • Supporters Back Strike at Newspaper in China (full story)
  • Chinese protest against newspaper censorship - video (full story)
  • Chinese journalists in rare protest against censorship (full story)
  • Chinese in rare protest outside newspaper over censorship (full story)
  • Chinese rise against media gag (link to full story)
  • Chinese censorship row blamed on 'foreign hostile forces'
    Chinese authorities are attempting to extinguish an escalating row over press freedom and political reform by blaming a recent censorship scandal on "foreign hostile forces", it has been claimed.  (full story)
  • China firm on absolute media control (full story)

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