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Home Chinese Cities and Province Information Changshu, Jiangsu Province

China City and Province: Changshu

Changshu Basics
Area:   1,266 square km
Population:   1.24 million (2007)
Postal Code:   215500
Phone Area Code:   0520
Local Time  
A Brief Introduction of Changshu

Changsu in Jiangsu Province, located in the open region of the Yangtze Delta close to where the Yangtze River pours into the sea, is a commercial and tourist city. The city occupies an area of 1,266 square km, and has a population of 1.24 million (2007), average annual temperature 15.4C (60F), annual rainfall: 1054 mm.

Changsu is 100 km from Shanghai, and 40 km from Suzhou and Wuxi. Ferries go along the Yangtze River to Nantong. The longest bridge over the Yangtze will be constructed in Changsu, linking the Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Expressway and the motor-way along the Yangtze River, which are under construction, the Riverside Railway, which is at the blueprint stage, and the existing Shanghai Nanjing Expressway.


Cultural and educational undertakings are advanced in Changsu. There are two institutions of higher education, one national demonstration high school, two secondary vocational schools and seven provincial-level key middle schools in the city.

As a cultural and historical city, Changsu also is a famous holiday resort. Yushan-Shanghu Scenic Spot, part of the Taihu Lake Scenic Area, Shajiabang and other cultural and historical relics attract tourists from home and abroad. Changshu Port has four processing areas, three 35000-ton berths, five 1000-ton docks and a bonded warehouse. As part of the Shanghai International Shipping Center and the outlet for Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park, the port has opened navigation with 96 ports in 33 countries and regions. The port's annual handling capacity is 8 million tons, including 1.2 million tons of foreign trade commodities and 20,000 standard containers.

Tourist Resources of Changshu
Changsu, a well-known cultural and historical city, also is a huge garden with rich natural and cultural scenery.


The Yushan-Shanghu Scenic Spot, which covers an area of 30 square km, is parts of the national-level Taihu Lake Scenic Area. Yushan Mountain, highest in the Yangtze Delta, was named after the Tomb of Yu Zhong, a royal family member at the end of the Zhou Dynasty (770-221BC). The mountain, famous for its grotesque rocks, crystal springs, ancient trees and exquisite garden, was the second national forest park, after Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province.

The Shangsu Lake covers an area of 12 square km. It si said that Jiang Taigong, a military strategist, once fished in the lake when he secluded himself from savage King Zhou, last ruler of the Shang Dynasty(16th-11th century BC). There are six islands in the lake:Hexiang (Lotus Fragrance) Island, Taohua(Peach Blossom) Island, Fenglin (Maple Forest) Island, Mingqin (Birdsong) Island, Yanyu (Misty Rain) Island, and Diaoyu (Fishing) Island. Altogether, 63 varieties of birds including Qiusha ducks black storks, white storks, swans and mandarin ducks, which are under key State protection, live in the beautiful ecological environment. The Peony Garden on Hexiang Island is the largest of its kind in south China, with more than 3,000 peonies in 140 varieties. Changshu is the third city in the nation, next to Luoyang in Henan Province and Heze in Shandong Province, to hold a Peony Fair. It runs from April to early May. Other ideal places for vacationers are Huqiao Bridge, the Water Park on Hexiang Island and the Golf Club on Diaoyu Island.


Other places of historical interest and scenic beauty include ancient tombs, Weimo Mountain Villa, Xinfen Pavilion, Yanyuan Garden, Zhaoyuan Ganden and Zengyuan Garden, 537 ancient trees, and an ancient canal in the old town. All give Changsu cultural and historical charm.

In Shajiabang*, a famous tourist resort in south China, flourishing reeds, a maze of criss-crossing rivers and hovering water birds create a unique natural and ecological picture. Hongshi Folk Culture Village, the Reed Marshes Water Resort, the Water Plant Botanic Garden and other tourist zones attract tourists from home and abroad.

Note: Shajiabang is very well-known in China due to a same name Peking Opera Shajiabang, which was among the very few stage operas which allowed public performance during the Culture Revolution (1966-1976) in China.

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