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Home China Parties and Organizations Chinese Communist Party (CPC, CCP)  The 1st CPC National Congress

Chinese Communist Party Information

1st. National Congress of
The Communist Party of China (CPC)

  • Date: July 23-31, 1921

  • Venue: First in Shanghai and later moved on board a boat on Lake Nanhu of Jiaxing County (Zhejiang Province)

  • Number of Delegates: 12

  • Party Membership: over 50

  • Major Contents: The central task of the congress was to discuss the question of officially establishing the Chinese Communist Party. The congress adopted the first Party program and decided on the name of the Party as the Communist Party of China. It decided on the objectives of the Party as follows: to overthrow the bourgeoisie by means of the revolutionary army of the proletariat, to rebuild the country by the laboring classes and to work for the ultimate elimination of class distinction; to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat in order to attain the objective of class struggle, that is, the elimination of classes; and to abolish ownership by capitalists and establish ownership by the entire society through confiscating all the means of production. The congress also adopted the Resolution on the Present Tasks, according to which the central task of the Party after its founding was to get the working class organized and to provide guidance to the workers' movement.

    The congress elected Chen Duxiu, Zhang Guotao and Li Da to form the Central Bureau with Chen serving as its secretary.
    (Source: People's Daily Online)

  • Representatives of the 1st Chinse Communist Party National Congress:

representatives of the Chinese communist party's first national congress
First row from left: Mao Zedong, Dong Biwu, Li Da, Liu Renjing, Wang Jinmei, Chen Gongbo,
Second row from left: He Shuheng, Chen Tanqiu, Li Hanjun, Zhanng Guotao, Deng Enming, Zhou Fohai

  • Picture of the house in Shanghai and the boat at Lake Nanhu where the 1st Chinese Communist Party Congress was held in year of 1921.

the venue of the 1st national congress of the chinese communist party in july 1921 in shanghai


chinese communist party was set on a boat in jiaxing

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