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China Information and Sources
Chinese Cities and Provinces


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 General Statistics about Chinese Cities:

(The statement issued by the Ministry of Construction, Nov. 2005)

 Facts & Figures: Chinese Cities and Provinces:
  • China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people (click for details on the Telegraph)

  • There are over 160 cities in China with population over one million.

  • Total Population: 1.29533 billion (about 22% of total population in the world)

  • The most populated administrative region: Henan Province (92.56 million)

  • The least populated administrative region: Tibet (Xizang) Autonomous Region (2.62 million)

  • The province with the fastest increase in population during the past decade: Guangdong Province (37.5% increase);

 China's Three Major River Delta Areas
 Related Report Links (International Media):
Related Article and Report Links
Chongqing makes happiest list  - This southwestern city has dwarfed the country's political and economic centers as the only provincial-level municipality listed among China's happiest 10 cities in 2010, China Daily reported Tuesday.

The secret recipe for its residents' happiness, the judges and survey respondents said, is its massive crackdown on organized crime coupled with locals' love of singing revolutionary-era songs.

The annual happiest cities list complied by Xinhua News Agency affiliate Oriental Outlook developed criteria based on people's feeling of happiness rather than economic achievements.

The 12 criteria include interpersonal intimacy, job opportunities, educational quality, security, traffic, medical professionalism, housing prices, natural environments, economic development, culture and entertainment, and civility.

This year's assessment was based on 24,000 valid questionnaires, 1.78 million respondents' replies to newspaper polls and an additional 45 million polled online from September until November, according to the list's organizing committee.

Chongqing's war on crime and its love of "red" songs are unique among listed cities.

More than 15,000 students and teachers from local universities "frequently" assembled this year to sing red songs, Tuesday's China Daily cited the local official newspaper Chongqing Daily as saying.

Most residents say they cannot tell if they are happier than last year, but they have noticed positive changes.

Porter Han Kailiang, 63, said the city is indeed safer.

Two years ago, thugs posing as T-shirt promoters brought Han and several others to a backstreet "warehouse" where they robbed them.

"We can now easily seek help from traffic and patrol police officers stationed anywhere," Han said.

Architect Tang Guangyong said he could "sense the changes and improvements".

Infrastructure development has been particularly fast, the 27-year-old said.

"The city is cleaner, neater and more comfortable. Old people spend their free time playing cards and Chinese chess. That's very nice."

The 10 cities that made the list are Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming in Southwest China; Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi in East China; Changsha in Central China; Guangzhou in South China; and Changchun and Tonghua in Northeast China. (Dec.28, 2010)
 Chinese Cities and Counties Which Changed Names in Recent Years
Old City/County Names New City/County Names Year
Luxi, Yunnan Mang, Yunnan 2010
Xiangfan, Hubei Xiangyang, Hubei 2010
Dayong, Hunan Zhangjiajie, Hunan 1994
Guanxian, County Sichuan Dujiangyan, Sichuan 1988
Chongan County, Fujian Wuyishan, Fujian 1989
Nanping County, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan 1998
Lunan County, Yunnan Shilin County, Yunnan P 2009
Zhongdian County, Yunnan Shangri-la County, Yunnan 2002
Huizhou Region, Anhui Huangshan, Anhui 1987
Simao, Yunnan Puer, Yunnan 2007
 China's Administrative Divisions
4 Municipalities

23 Provinces

5 Autonomous Regions

2 Special Administrative Regions (SAR)

Chinese Cities


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