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Home > Chinese Art > Painting > Chinese Wax Painting  > Guizhou Artists' Wax Painting

Wax Painting Art in Guizhou, China

As a traditional printing handicraft, wax printing has been prevailing in China's Guizhou province for at least a thousand years. Instead of using the craft mainly on garments, these contemporary painters have combined the wax printing craft with many other painting skills and created a number of wax printing pictures with a unique style. Having lived with national minorities in Guizhou over a long period of time, these artists have not only the knack of traditional wax printing skill, but also a profound understanding of the minorities' life, such as music, dance, festivals and customs, which is fully incarnated in the works.

 We are so proud to have the opportunity to give our visitors and users the chance to enjoy the beauty of Guizhou wax painting art, and to experience ethnic culture in Southwest China.

Chinese Wax Painting, Works of Guizhou Artists  (1)
autumn fruits, works of wax painting by guizhou artists
Autumn Fruits
by Chen Ningkang & Fu Mulan
baby dragon, wax painting art in guizhou china
Baby Dragon
by Chen Ningkang & Fu Mulan
bench dance, chinese wax painting by guizhou artists
Bench Dance (I)
by Chen Ningkang & Fu Mulan
bench dance, chinese wax painting by guizhou artists
Bench Dance (II)
by Chen Ningkang & Fu Mulan
birds, guizhou wax painting art work by chen daqing
Birds (I)
by Chen Daqing


If you have any comments on this wax painting art show, please feel free to send your email to

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